Notice: The City will be out testing fire hydrants, Every Tuesday in October & November 2023!

Ghanga Project – Ferguson Blvd

On March 9th, 2017 the City Council of the City of Dry Ridge adopted Ordinance 826-2017. This ordinance established a TIF (Tax Increment Finance) Development Area.  Within this ordinance (Section 5) creates a Job Assessment Fee of 0.75 percent. This is in addition to the current city payroll tax of 1.25 percent on all employees working within the city limits of Dry Ridge. If an emplyee is working in the Ferguson TIF area the total payroll tax while working in this area is 2 percent. This is effective on all wages paid on or after March 9th, 2017. The ordinance requires that employers withhold the license fee from the employees wages and subsequently remit payment to the City quarterly.

If you are going to be working / delivering in the TIF area please let the city know so proper forms can be sent out.

If you have any questions please contact the city at 859-824-3335