Mayor’s Office

Cropped GreyMayor Jim Wells was born in Kansas City, Missouri in October 1971. He moved to Grant County in 1975 and was grew up on Fairview Road in Williamstown. He attended Mason Elementary School until 5th grade and then attended Williamstown Schools. In 1985 Jim moved to Dry Ridge. Later he graduated from Williamstown High School (1990) with honors. Jim began his public service career when he joined the Dry Ridge Volunteer Fire Department in 1989. He volunteered until 2006. Jim also worked for a video production company until he took a position with a new business in town, Dana Corporation. He worked as a maintenance technician for 3 years before accepting a position with the Lexington Fire Department in 1999, where he remains currently employed as a firefighter assigned to Ladder 5.

Jim met and dated Shelley Rae Smith until she agreed to marry him in December of 1995. Jim and Shelley have two boys, Cody and Kaleb.  He is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and works hard to promote healthy lifestyles.

Jim has spent most of his life involved with government services including specifically fire and emergency services. He has served on numerous civic boards over his career. Most notably the 40 under 40 Steering committee, the Grant county fair board and the 911 advisory board to mention a few. He understands the important role government has to provide a collective service to the public at a reasonable expense.

Jim believes the city of Dry Ridge has the ability to adequately provide public services through law enforcement, public works, fire and emergency services and parks and recreation. He has been hard at work since taking office to move the city and it’s departments into a streamlined customer service oriented operation. He works hard to provide one on one attention to every person’s concern.

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