Municipal Resolutions (Orders)

A “municipal resolution (order)” is “an official act of the legislative body of a municipality which is binding upon the officers and employees of the municipality and any governmental agency over which the municipality has jurisdiction”.

Municipal Resolutions (orders) are less formal and detailed than ordinances. An order can never be used when an ordinance is required. However, a city can pass an ordinance when an order will suffice.  They do not have civil or criminal penalties because they are only binding upon city officers and employees. Therefore, the penalties for violating an order are often dismissal, suspension, demotion, reprimand, or removal from office.

These Orders appear in order most recently passed.

Federal Highway Grant Acceptance
CERS Seperation Resolution
Road Dept Credit Card & Limit Marksberry
Water Dept Credit Card & Limit Bosse
Third Signatory on City Accounts
2017 Regional Hazardous Mitigation Plan Adoption
Authorizing the Mayor to Sign Development Contracts and Forcht Bank Financing for Ferguson Blvd Development
Accepting Duke Energy Kentucky Settlement Agreement
Duke Energy Kentucky Gas Franchise Agreement
Creating EMS Funding Agreement
PTO / Comp Time Reset Date Modification & Date
Removing Cash Advance Option on Credit Cards & Date
Administration Credit Card Limit Change & Date
Cincinnati Bell Easement & Date
Homeland Security Authorization & Date
Personnel Policy Update to v5.1 (12-14-15)
Setting Trick or Treat Time & Date
Personnel Policy Overtime Update
Personnel Policy Overtime Update
Inter-local Agreement (Parks & Recreation)
Administration Credit Card Authorization
Police Chief Credit Card Authorization
Water Department Superintendent Credit Card Authorization
Sewer Department Superintendent Credit Card Authorization
Bank Signatory Change from Harris to Kenner
Solid Waste 1st Contract Extension Authorization
Flexible Spending Account Termination
Heritage Bank Financing Authorization
Designating EMA Director Whalen City Representative for FEMA
Mapping Legal Description Clarification
Fire Dept. Chief Smith Credit Card Authorization
Fire Department Credit Card Limit Assigned to Chief Jump
Data Breach – Records Retention Schedule
Complete Streets
Updating the Personnel Policies
Updating Personnel Policies
Establishing Agenda Rules for Regular Meetings
Police Policies and Procedures
Investment Strategy
Trash Collection Rate Change
Amending the 9-10-79 meeting minutes
Sewer Treatment Plant Purchase
Accepting Zoning recommendations
Litigation v Williamstown City Limits Boundaries
Repealing Order 0982-1 and 0982-2
Zone Change to Charles Dills
Cable Franchise Publication Proposal
Fund Establishment for Future Purchase of Fire Pumper
Authorization to Sign Agreement
Reinstates Agreement with Housing Authority
Cancellation of Housing Authority Agreement
Members of Agencies and Boards
Use of City Employees and Officers

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