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Time Warner Cable Franchise Notifications

On September 19, 1983 the Dry Ridge City Council approved an ordinance (389-1983) relating to the granting of a TV franchise and made a first reading of the ordinance. This first reading was done by summary and the second reading was also done by this summary on October 3, 1983, and the summary is below.

An ordinance granting a cable television franchise to Eagle Valley Cable Company pursuant to bids received. Said ordinance defines all of the duties of the City of Dry Ridge and the cable franchise recipient, states the fees received by City of Dry Ridge and the limits to which the franchise must be maintained within the City of Dry Ridge. Said ordinance further establishes maintenance, operation, emergency use, removal, notice, and consideration for the above granting. Original of said ordinance in full is on display at the Dry Ridge City Building during normal working hours for public inspection.

Since the initial franchise agreement to provide cable television services to the City of Dry Ridge, the following Ordinances have been issued to revise the original agreement:

CURRENT AGREEMENT (12-17-2018 – Expires 12-17-2028)
856-2018 CATV Franchise
616-2001  CATV Franchise
402-1995 CATV Franchise

Time Warner Cable provides required information to the City of Dry Ridge concerning programming and channel changes.  In the past these notices were received by the city with no further action.  Effective January 1, 2015 all notifications will be posted here to alert customers (residents) of changes.

Charter Notice 1-20-17
Charter Cable 12-1-16

Charter Cable Spectrum Pricing & Package Changes 12-1-16
Charter Cable Spectrum Branding Name Notice Letter 5-26-16
Time Warner Cable Program Notification for February 17 2016

Time Warner Cable Rate Change Notice 2-11-16

Time Warner Cable Rate Increase Notification 2-11-16

Time Warner Cable Program Notification for July 15 2015
Merge Notification
Merge Press Release
Time Warner Cable Program Notification for May 20 2015
Time Warner Cable Program Notification May 6 2015
Time Warner Cable Program Notification April 1 2015
Time Warner Cable Network Notification March 18, 2015